Frequently Asked Questions

We greatly value the feedback our eye care providers have offered following the introduction of our new portal. Below you will find the most recent version of the most common questions and answers that come from our providers as they access the portal and attend webinars.

Both functions are on the portal, but slightly different. You may submit a claim only without ordering materials, submit for claims and orders, or submit orders only. You will choose which function based on what is available once you select the member. But you must choose a practitioner for “claims only” to work.

You can use the Davis Vision collection “yellow tag” frames for Superior Vision Medicaid patients. Superior Vision plans have a frame allowance and if they want a Davis Vision collection frame you would have to order it through Excel Advantage, for which there is a link on the portal dashboard.

Ancillary services are also called medical optometry services. Some Medicaid plans allow for payment of these services.

If it’s a Versant Health supplied frame, you will need to select the frame from the list of collection frames. Davis Vision members typically use frames from the Exclusive Collection, as do Superior Vision Medicaid members.